The Henry Girls “Far Beyond The Stars”

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The Henry Girls are back with another masterful collection of songs in Far Beyond The Stars.

The Henry Girls are Sisters Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin, from Malin, County Donegal. Their music falls within the realm of folk, americana, rock, bluegrass and blues with a touch of Irishness tossed in for good measure.

Far Beyond The Stars features 13 tracks of beautifully written songs that cover a lot of ground both musically and lyrically. In this collection are songs about love, life, hope, romance, understanding, relationships and even war. Oh Why kicks the record off with a nice rock beat- a song about a mistreated, yet strong independent woman. Almost a counterpart to that track is the next A Friend Like You.

Ocean Of War deals with the plight of the refugees and the horrors they must endure. On a lighter note the Girls offer up Rebel Girl, Don’t Call Me Honey and I’m Your Baby, a really cute song that I could imagine as a Broadway show tune.

The Henry Girls are noted for their amazing harmonies, the title track Far Beyond The Stars is an excellent example of their voices working together. The a cappella piece is my personal favorite in this collection. Listening to this beautiful song I imagined sitting on an edge of some huge canyon on a warm summer night under a bright starry filled sky.

















There’s some great lyrics here, too. I love lines such as I don’t wanna be the reason that you stay/I know that I won’t follow every time you go away from Oh Why,  If you could only see my point of view/you make me feel like I’ve a stone in my shoe from Don’t Call Me Honey and If I give up all that I have/will I receive what I need from No More Maybes.

Other highlights on this album are Slow Down, More Love More Silence and Satisfied Mind.

Far Beyond The Stars is an album rich in its musicality, melodies, harmonies and performances. Another must have in your collection.

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