Sahara brings A New Beginning to the world

Artist: Sahara

Album: A New Beginning

reviewed by Jason Hohl

“A New Beginning” is the latest release by Dave and Trish Long, a duo originally from Ireland who now reside in Australia. The album is a genre-bending amalgam of styles, borrowing from jazz, pop, folk, and Celtic. They describe it on their website as “a marriage of sounds and influences between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, ‘the mist meeting the haze’”. The lyrics are positively uplifting and seemingly personal, not unexpected for a duo that have been together for a few decades.

The album begins with the über-catchy “Right the Wrongs” (This reviewer’s children were singing the chorus for hours after hearing the song once). The title track perfectly embodies the positive vibe that the album puts out. “The Promise” is a beautiful instrumental played on whistle (or recorder) that could easily fit into a movie soundtrack during the scene when the protagonist arises victorious against all odds. “Renovating My Igloo” adds an interesting electronic/new age twist along with a delightful key change between verses. “Rainy Day at Shady Creek” sounds like a Celtic song that was dropped into a Spaghetti Western (talk about genre-bending)!

The album was completely written, played and recorded by Dave and Trish and it’s done very well. The musicianship is top notch and their voices mesh together well. The instruments on the album include guitar, sax, whistle, flageolet, recorder and keyboards. This may not be the album for those who like their Irish/Celtic music more traditional. But for those who enjoy their Celtic music wrapped up in a perky, jazzy package, “A New Beginning” will do the trick.


Find out more at Sahara official website!



Jason Hohl is a member of Sons Of Malarkey and Head Of Reviews for 67 Music.



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