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Here is a wonderful new album from singer/songwriter, Eagle McCall.

Song of the Seas” is Eagle’s fourth recording. Now a lot of people can record an album full of sea shanties and tales of a life at sea, but what is unique to me is the fact that Eagle is a man of the sea himself. His Father was a career naval officer who’s family hailed from Cork. Eagle was born and raised in the Navy town of San Diego and, like his Father, became fascinated with the sea and later took to a career in the Navy as well. Flash back to Eagle’s youth though, and you’d learn he was given a guitar at a very young age and took to it just as quickly as a barnacle to a ship’s hull.

“Song of the Seas” is a collection of ten ballads, five of which are Eagle’s original compositions and the rest traditional songs with Irish, English and Scottish flavours mixed in. Eagle starts off with “The Song of the Peter Iredale”, a wonderfully written true story inspired by the 1906 shipwreck that rests aground on the Oregon coast. This track is one of the highlights of the album. In fact, his song has been entered into the archives of the Clatsop County Historical Museum (the body that oversees the Iredale wreckage and its documents) and is an accurate account of the facts and events.

Other selections continue to tell tales of life at sea; relationships, Eagle’s own experiences and life growing up. Other highlights (there are many) are a beautifully performed original instrumental guitar piece called “The Valparaiso Suite”, “My Ireland”, “The Mains’l and The Bell”, and “When I Was A Boy”. Among the carefully selected traditional tracks are “Black is the Colour” and a fitting closing interpretation  of “The Leavin’ of Liverpool”. Eagle’s voice and fluid guitar accompaniment go together very well, (there is scarcely any need for much more instrumentation or production), but subtle and tasteful inclusion of  violin, viola and mandolin by Eddie Parente, cajon, bass and whistles from Rob Barrick and additional vocals from Dave and Meeky Blizzard round out the sound very nicely.

The cd packaging is beautiful in itself, a tri-fold loaded with notes, images, lyrics and other insights about the origins of the songs. This recording tells a story from beginning to end, and takes the listener on an authentic voyage to the open seas where you feel the spray of the water on your face and moves you to contemplate your next visit to land’s end.

Learn more about Eagle McCall, this album and others and much more at www.eaglemccall.com


Eagle McCall: Song of the Seas


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  1. I am surely biased, because Michael is a good friend, not to mention a fine doctor, but we love this album too! It’s warm, original and full of heart. Way to go Michael! We’ll take ten.

    Helen Pollock & Rob Barrick
    BarBarrick Music

    Posted by Helen & Rob | December 20, 2012, 12:50 am

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