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Sometimes it’s interesting how life works. In this particular scenario, a certain fiddler from England & Ireland making his way in the world serendipitously meets an American traveling through Ireland (who turns out to be none other than Arlo Guthrie), gets an invitation from Arlo to come to The States to make more music, and before you know it, is one of the world’s most respected and sought after Irish fiddlers.

Some years later, another chance meeting with yet another American comes to pass. This meeting proves also to be a major turning point in each of their lives.

Of course, we’re talking about Kevin Burke and Cal Scott.

Cal, a multi-talented musician and film scorer, at the time was working on scoring a PBS special about the troubles in Northern Ireland and had sought out Kevin’s assistance on the project. That’s how the two met and the partnership and friendship continues to this day. Scott, a near 5th generation Oregonian, also writes and performs with The Trail Band, an 8 piece folk ensemble, and has co-produced a number of CDs for himself, The Trail Band, and many other artists.

The pair to date have released two acclaimed recordings together: “Across the Black River” and “Suite“, both available on Burke’s Loftus Music site.

We sat down with the two of them in an exclusive interview, where we discussed a number of topics including how each of them got their start in music, their working relationship, touring, Cal’s latest cd “Carved Wood Box” and other upcoming projects.



Watch Kevin and Cal with “Paris Nights” from their cd  “Across the Black River” in an exclusive studio performance:



Here they perform “The Doon Reel/The Reel of Mullinavat/Maud Miller” from “Across the Black River”



Be sure to check Kevin & Cal’s websites for updates regarding albums, classes they offer, concerts & appearances and other news of note:



Other websites of interest:







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